March 1, 2017

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7:00 PM
2017 SPRING PLANTING BIDS (march 15, 2017 not this meeting)
Trustee Anthony Girard Trustee Peter E. Lemery Trustee Timothy Carota
Brian Abare. DPW Superintendent Michael Muller, Attorney
Trustee_Lemery moved to approve the minutes from the February 15, 2017; Trustee Girard
seconded the motion. The Board unanimously approved.
Trustee Lemery moved to approve the bills; seconded by Trustee Girard. The Board
unanimously approved
FY 2016-2017 Vouchers 93308-93350
FY2016-2017 AHC Voucher-93307
General Fund Water Fund Sewer Fund Total
$22,194.25 3,818.70 2,265.06
$28,278.01 AGENDA
Comm Develop Total
$6,175.00 $6,175.00
1) 2017 Spring Flower Planting Bids – Tabled (will be March 15, 2017)
2) Scout John Stark – Eagle Scout Project – Scout Stark stated that he would like to make an
extension off the Betar By-Way which will create a path to the peninsula on the Hudson River. A few years ago the Village started this extension by clearing a 700 feet, but was unable to complete the remaining 400 feet of thick dense woods to complete the project.
This project will help the community with being able to have an additional hiking trail, fishing options and habitat viewing. Scout Stark meet with the DPW Forman, Rick Daley last Wednesday and they witnessed traces of beaver and fox wildlife in the projected area for the trail. Scout Stark then stated that there are two different types of forestry based specifications to make your environment better. Preservation is one in which you would leave the environment alone and the other is conversation in which you remove what you believed will make the environment better. Scout Stark would like to have permission to finish the trail that was started. He believes that once the trail is completed it will better the community of the Village. Mayor Orlow asked if anyone had questions for Scout Stark. Trustee Lemery asked if his project was just to extend the trail to the end of the peninsula and whether he would be able to open the end of the peninsula. Scout Stark stated that he will also create a few veins off the trails but at this point he will not open the end of the peninsula because that will promote camping. Mayor Orlow asked if there were any other questions for Scout Stark. There were no additional questions. Trustee Lemery moved to approve the project; seconded by Trustee Girard and the Board unanimously approved the project. DPW Foreman Rick Daley will be overseeing the project for Scout Stark. The project plans on file with the minutes.
3) Chazen Companies – Income Survey Supplement/CDBG Application – Trustee Girard
Trustee Girard stated that this item has to do with the recent CDBG grant regarding income surveys. Last year the Village applied for a CDGB grant but did not meet all the guidelines. Mr. Bob Murray is now working with Chazen Companies in the grant writing department. He would like the opportunity to identify areas that have issues in the Village and group those areas together to complete the survey in a different way. The fees for the proposed grant will
be as follows: Income survey $1,750.00, Engineers plan $3,000.00 and CDBG Application $4,900.00. Trustee Carota stated that the total would be $9.690.00 and asked if any of it would be part of next year’s budget. Trustee Girard stated that the Application fee of $4,900.00 would be in next year’s water budget. Trustee Carota asked if there were any other cost that needed to be in next year’s budget. Trustee Girard stated he would go through all his paperwork and see what he had to be covered in next year’s budget. This was not voted on and stated as informational at this point. Then item #4 of this agenda was discussed. Motion for item #4 applies to the approval of this agenda item.
4) 2003-2005 Community Development Block Grant
The Village has received CDBG grant housing (pay back) money from 2003-2005. The way the grants worked was if the property owner of an awarded amount of money from the CDBG funding and sold their house within the guidelines, a percentage of that money needed to be repaid to the Village. It would be cycled into another project of similar kind. Attorney Muller has made several attempts to reach out to CDBG agencies regarding the guidelines since this funding and the projects were 12 years or older. Attorney Muller has hit road blocks with closed offices in the grant administration departments. Attorney Muller then stated that these are not free funds to the Village and it needs to use the funds in a reasonable fashion with a similar project. Attorney Muller suggestions are attached to the minutes. Mayor Orlow asked if the Board had any questions regarding this. Attorney Muller then asked Trustee Girard about item #3 of this agenda, because the funds could most likely cover the expenses needed for the most recent CDBG grant proposal. The total funds available under the 2003-2005 programs are $10,154.25. The total needed for the continuation of the CDBG funding for professional services for the (Item #3 of this agenda) Income Survey
Supplement/CDBG Application is $9,650.00. The Clerk-Treasurer stated that if the Board wants to approve this all invoiced approved will be paid out of the 2003- 2005 CDBG funding account. Trustee Girard moved to approve the 2003-2005 CDBG funds to be spent for the Item #3 of this agenda. Trustee Lemery seconded the motion and the Board unanimously approved.
5) Budget Workshop Scheduled for March 6, 2017 at 7:00 pm
This is informational. There will be a budget workshop in the Village Complex meeting room at 7 pm on March 6, 2017. This will be the first workshop for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.
6) Water & Metering – Susan Archambault
Ms. Susan Archambault was present and wants to know if she would be eligible to put a water meter in her single family home. Ms. Archambault stated that at the last meeting it was stated by Trustee Girard that the reason meters were allowed for multi-family, new construction homes and commercial homes is because the fund balance was too high in the water fund; and the auditors told the Village to spend down the funds. Ms. Archambault stated Trustee Girard was right the Village choose to do something with the revenue but they choose the wrong project. She then stated that she had with her tonight water bills from Mr. Daley and Mr. Gutheil and she has created a spread sheet that shows that the Village lost $3,100.00 in 2016 on their properties alone. She chooses those properties for her study because Mr. Daley was a water committee member and Mr. Gutheil was the original requestor and supporter of the multi-unit homes having meters. She wants to know if the Village considered the restrictions on revenue that this placed on the single family homes. She quoted minutes from the 4/12/14 meeting where Mr. Daley stated that “it is not fair that
the residential customers are carrying the burden of the water”. She stated that there are 100 multi-unit dwellings in the Village and the loss of revenue from those dwellings is passed on to the single family homes and it is significate. She then quoted minutes from 5/14/14 which states there are many discrepancies in the meters and non-metering in the Village. The multi- unit families have the potential for many individuals to be living in the same building sand same apartment and there should be meters for each unit. She then asked Trustee Girard if there has been any additional talk about the entire Village being metered. Trustee Girard stated that at some point the Village will meter but there is a lot of other issues at this point. (water piping and water tower (as he stated the tower is on its last leg and they gave us 5 years and we are approaching that deadline). He stated that an engineer has previously stated that it will cost $750,000 dollars to put meters in the Village. He continued with stating that is his opinion and he is only one vote but that the Village should take care of the current water problems before meters. Trustee Girard stated that before he became a trustee the commercial buildings had one meter and the owners of apartment building said it was not fair because some commercial buildings had apartments attached to them. Ms. Archambault wanted to know who it was benefiting. Trustee Girard stated that when the change was made he will agree that the residential people were taking the burden and that the revenue drop was because the residential water rate dropped. Ms. Archambault asked Trustee Girard again if the auditor stated that the water fund needed to be reduced, and Trustee Girard stated yes. Ms. Archambault stated that she has worked with auditors and they only suggest things and they don’t tell you what you have to do; so she asked why the Village did not focus on a more critical water issue. In her opinion allowing multi-unit homes to have meters was poor judgement on the Water Committees part and Trustee Girard did not think through the
process prior to recommending it to the Village Board. Trustee Girard stated the single family homes benefited when the rates were reduced. Ms. Archambault stated that the owners of the multi-unit dwellings are making out pretty good because they are able to claim the expenses on their taxes at the end of the year or they can pass the cost off to the tenants. It is a win, win for the multi-unit owners. She stated it was very unfair and thanked the Board for their time. Mr. Rick Daley stated that it is unfair that the new construction homes are being metered and there has been no talk about the rest of the Village being metered. Ms. Archambault stated that she has a friend in a new home that is metered but the resident living behind them is not metered and is using water all day long at a flat rate cost. Mayor Orlow corrected a statement made by Trustee Girard about the integrity of the Water Tower. Mayor Orlow stated it is the outside appearance and cosmetic repairs of the water tower and not the interior that is in need. He does not want the residents to think that there is a problem with the interior structure of the Water Tower which was not clarified by Trustee Girard. Brian Abare, DPW Superintendent verified what the Mayor stated. Trustee Lemery stated to buy and install meters is a long term plan. Mayor Orlow stated that the law as is now states that the resident buy the meters from the Village and a revolving fund has been establish as a DPW account line item for the original purchase as well as the reimbursement. Trustee Lemery said people will probably not buy a meter. Ms. Archambault stated that she would buy one. Mr. Gutheil stated he is not getting a credit but that he is way over paying. He was paying 4 water rents for 4 apartments in one building. Ms. Archambault stated that it does not matter she is one person and is paying the same amount and Mr. Gutheil should have been paying a flat rate per apartment. Mr. Gutheil then said to the Village Board that they should let Ms. Archambault buy a meter and let her install the meter. It was stated that
this would be a code and fee change and it would have to uniform for everyone. Mr. Gutheil then stated that the Village has discriminatory rates, and the Board realized he needed a meter and he said he is now paying his fair share. Ms. Archambault stated that in prior minutes Mr. Gutheil stated that meters were not necessary for everyone. He then stated that this week he was told that an individual bill in the new construction area was over $1,000.00 for 6 months. Mayor Orlow stated that he has spoken to several home owners in the new construction home area and they have been told by the builders the number of times per day that they need to water their lawns to keep them healthy. Mr. Gutheil also stated the new individuals are getting hammered on the sewer cost. There were several other items talked about, but the end result is that the water rates and metering laws need to be revised prior to any additional changes with in the Village. Mayor Orlow stated that he would like to clarify that over the past 3 years there have been infrastructure repairs to both the water tower and the water lines. There is still more work to be done and the Village will continue to work on the improvements.
7) Prospect Street/Beach Road Water Improvements – Payment #4 – Trustee Girard
This item is tabled unit the March 15, 2016 meeting.
8) 50th Annual Flag Day Parade – Saratoga-Wilton Lodge No. 161, June 12, 2017 at 12:00 PM
This was an announcement only. No one offered to participate.
9) 5th Annual Moreau Community Center Block Party – September 9, 2017 at 10:00 AM
Additional information was needed regarding this. It will be reported on at a later date.
10) Gazebo Request – Kati VanLoan – June 3, 2017
Trustee Carota moved to approve the request; seconded by Trustee Lemery and the Board unanimously approved.
11) 2017 NY Rural Water Association Annual Technical Conference /Exhibit – John Dixon Jr., May 22- 25, 2017
Trustee Lemery moved to approve the training for John Dixon Jr; seconded by Trustee
Carota and the Board unanimously approved.
12) DPW Report – on file
Mayor Orlow stated that the request from the last Board meeting regarding parking and snow
removal on Terrace Ave is being reviewed with the DPW and the school.
13) Trustee’s Report
Trustee Girard – The Air Stripper bid package is being reviewed my Attorney Muller. It should be sent out by March 3, 2017 but that might not be possible.
Trustee Carota – None
Trustee Lemery – None
Mayor Report –
The tree grant discussed at the last public meeting is not going to be possible because the deadlines, but Planning Board Chairmen and DPW Superintended Brian Abare will be working on a tree count.
Nick Bodkin is not sure and is working on the Comprehensive Plan for the budget but it might not be enough information to include it in the upcoming budget.
Ms. Laura Roberts of 22 Saratoga Ave was present and stated that she feels that the salon Annie Nails has been dumping hazardous products in the ground around the building. This will be looked into immediately.
Public Forum
Mr. Gutheil wanted to know if the Budget Workshop planned for Monday was something the public could speak at. The answer was yes.

There were no additional comments. Trustee Lemery moved to close the public meeting; seconded by Trustee Carota and the Board unanimously approved.
________________ Clerk-Treasurer