Moreau Historical Society


Historical Society Meetings
4th Monday of each month

Hours of Operation

Open to the public each Saturday 1pm to 3pm or by appointment.

Any members who would like to help out with staffing our historic home this summer are encouraged to contact Barbara Abbott at 792- 2195. We have scripts available for the tours and there will always be a regular volunteer available. You do not have to do the tours if you don’t want to. We have lots of “sit down” duties as well. We like to try to have three volunteers at the house if possible for security reasons.

Historical Society Heritage

The Historical Society of Moreau was founded in October of 1983.   The Society received its provisional charter from the University of the State of New York Education Department in November of 1986.  In July of 1996, the Society received an absolute charter.

The Moreau Community Center provided us with a meeting place in 1984-1986.  It was then in 1986, the Glens Falls Portland Cement Company generously donated the Parks-Bentley Place to the Historical Society of the Town of Moreau and the Village of South Glens Falls.

Mary Sayers, a local student was instrumental in obtaining the nomination of the Parks-Bentley Place to the State and National Register of Historic Places.  The nomination was granted March 16, 1994.

Since acquiring the Parks-Bentley Place, research and renovations are on-going.  With much dedication of the Society’s members along with tremendous support from public and private sectors, some of the renovations are complete.