Regional Bike Route


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Basic safety and courtesy guidelines for Multi-use Trails:

  1. Cyclists, inline skaters, and pedestrians should never travel more than two abreast. When the trail is busy, cyclists and skaters travel single file.
  2. All trail users should keep to the right side of the trail, with slow moving traffic keeping as far right as possible. So not impair the ability of others to pass you.
  3. Travel at a speed that allows you to be in control at all times. Always be prepared to react to other users or obstacles.
  4. When passing slower traffic, pass on the left. Alert those being passed of your approach. Do not over take other users rapidly without warning.
  5. Be alert and use extra caution when crossing roadways and when climbing or descending hills.
  6. If you must stop, move yourself and any equipment completely off of the trail. All users should always check to see that it is clear behind them before making any sudden stops or changes in direction.
  7. All cyclists and inline skaters are strongly encouraged to wear helmets and other appropriate protective gear at all times.
  8. Before your trip, make sure that your bicycle, skates, and/or other equipment is in safe and proper working condition.
  9. Dogs ARE NOT ALLOWED on or along the Warren County Bikeway.
  10. Respect the trails and the private properties that border them. Carry out anything that you carry in.

There is a risk of personal injury inherent to any form of physical activity. Although multi-use trails do separate cyclists and pedestrians from some of the potential dangers of motorized vehicle traffic, it is impossible to remove all potential hazards to trail users. Adherence to the guidelines above, though not comprehensive, can reduce the occurrence of accidents and related injuries. Individual trail users bear the ultimate responsibilities for exercising appropriate judgment and protect their own personal safety.