FEBRUARY 15, 2017

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FEBRUARY 15, 2017
7:00 PM
Trustee Anthony Girard Trustee Peter E. Lemery
Brian Abare. DPW Superintendent Michael Muller, Attorney
Trustee_Lemery moved to approve the minutes from the February 1, 2017; Trustee Girard
seconded the motion. The Board unanimously approved.
Trustee Lemery moved to approve the bills; seconded by Trustee Girard. The Board
unanimously approved
FY 2016-2017 Vouchers 93308-93350
FY2016-2017 AHC Voucher-93307
General Fund Water Fund Sewer Fund Total
$22,194.25 3,818.70 2,265.06
$28,278.01 AGENDA
Comm Develop Total
$6,175.00 $6,175.00
1) O’Reilly’s Auto Parts Project
Acting Mayor Hayes stated that at the last meeting the Board asked Attorney Muller to following up with Building/Code Inspector, Joe Patricke regarding some unresolved request regarding the O’Reilly’s Auto Parts Project project. Attorney Muller stated that he has spoken with Mr. Patricke and at this point the project is still in the Planning Board hands and until further notice he has nothing new to report on the project. TJ Wade stated that he thinks
the Planning Board will be discussing this at their March 8, 2017 meeting.
2) Snow Removal – Mr. Bottari
He was present this evening to ask if the Village DPW could make Terrace Avenue a priority with snow removal. There are cars from the school that park there during the school days; and with the snow it makes is difficult to enter and exit his driveway. Mr. Gutheil told the Board that they should be helping Mr. Bottari. Mr. Gutheil stated he lets people park in his apartment house parking lot that’s located on the corner of east 6th street and Hudson Street and he wants to know what the big deal is in giving Mr. Bottari some help. Mr. Abare stated that Terrace Ave is narrow but so are other streets in the Village, and they will removal all the snow next week while the school is on winter break. Mr. Bottari stated it will not be a problem while the school is on break. There was talk about the placement of no parking signs, emergency snow removal signs and safety cones being placed in the area before or during heavy snow storms. Mr. Bottari feels that it is a safety issue. It was also suggested that instead of cleaning Rte. 9 first the DPW should clean Terrace Ave and the school area first. The question is why the facility or BOCES instructors are not using the school parking lot. DPW Superintendent, Brian Abare will talk with the school transportation and the Middle School administration to see if they can help. Mr. Robbins, Crossing Guard stated that maybe the school can snow blow a little further but no matter what he feels the teachers will park where they want.
3) Cooper’s Cave – Brochures and Distribution
Acting Mayor Hayes stated that he has received the price proposal for this year’s Cooper’s Cave brochures. This is a 50%/50% spilt with the City of Glens Falls. There will be 25,000 printed and then distributed from here to Albany and then in the Cooperstown’s and Mohawk River area. The paper is from Finch Paper for $476.00 (same as last year). Glens Falls
Printing for $1359.00 (same as last year) and they will pick up the paper from Finch paper. Distribution of the brochures will be North County Distribution Services $2,160.00. Totaling under $4,000.00 which is 1/2 paid by the City of Glens Falls. Trustee Lemery moved to approve the expenditures; seconded by Trustee Girard and the Board was unanimous in approving.
4) Local Government Achievement Awards
This is a NYCOM achievement award for any that has done municipal improvements and wants to apply. We do have some recent projects that might qualify for this award. This would take work and time. No Board volunteered to research this.
5) 2016 Urban and Community Forestry Grants Programs
The Planning Board Chairmen, David Linehan wanted information handed out regarding a 2016 Urban and Community Forestry Gran Program. This grant would be a minimum request of $10,000.00. Mr. Abare will follow up with David Linehan regarding the opportunity. There was talk about the trees needed and wanted. Scout John Stark spoke about the ash boring beetle.
6) Adirondack Water Works Conference – March 16, 2017 – Latham NY
Trustee Lemery moved to approve the expense of $90.00 plus the use of a Village vehicle for John Dixon Jr., Richard Daley and any Board member that may want to attend the AWWC conference on March16, 2017. Trustee Girard seconded the motion and the Board unanimously approved.
7) Financial Statement – January 2017
Trustee Girard moved to approve the financial statement; seconded by Trustee Lemery and the Board unanimously approved.
8) DPW Report – On file
9) Trustee’s Report
Trustee Girard – The Planning Board met and approved a subdivision for 69 Saratoga Ave. They will be coming before the Zoning Board in March.
The Air Stripper Project is moving in the right direction and should be going out to bid in March 2017.
Trustee Lemery – None
10) Acting Mayor Hayes Report –
The Prospect Street project continues to be discussed with the engineers as to what area and street have the greatest priority for the extension of the grant.
Public Forum
Mr. Ed Robbins Village Animal Control Officer stated that a lot of small animals are starting to appear in the roadways and along the by-way trail. He just wants people to be aware of the situation.
John Stark, Eagle Scout has a scout project which will be to clean a trail along the Hudson River shore line and install a fishing dock. There will be a meeting with Brian Abare on March 21, 2017.
Mr. Harry Gutheil was presented and wanted to why the office was closed on Monday of this week. It was stated to him that it is an allowed holiday for the employees. He asked if the office employees followed the CSEA contract. It was stated yes when it comes to the certain things and they have a non-union employee contract.
Mr. Nick Bodkin was asking for budget numbers for the Comprehensive Plan. Acting Mayor Hayes stated that Mr. Bodkin should contract Trustee Carota who is the Budget Officer for this year.
Ms. Susan Archumbault was present and asked if there were lower water rates for commercial businesses. They were not lower but are metered. This all involves a loss in revenue that allowed for apartment complex; commercial/residential structure; new single family residential structures; but no existing single family homes to be allowed to be metered. Trustee Girard stated that it was changed because we were audited and that the auditors told us we had too much revenue in our fund balance, but then when the meter law was adopted the rates had to be revisited and raised because of the loss of revenue due to the apartment structures being added to the law.
Rick Daley, DPW Employee stated that he would like it if the snow plow driver of Trustee Girard’s employment would not leave his snow in the road when he plows the Home Improvement Galley on Saratoga Ave. Trustee Girard stated that he would talk with the plow driver tomorrow. Mr. Daley asked if Trustee Girard would like to see a photo of what was going on. Mr. Girard stated no. Bridget Martin stated that this unprofessional of Mr. Daley. Clerk-Treasurer, Dannae Bock then asked a representative of the Village to meet with Rick Leonelli of Community Insurance to discuss the Village renewal of liability & commercial & auto insurance. Acting Mayor Hayes stated that he would meet with him next week.
Trustee Girard moved to close the meeting at 7:58 PM; seconded Trustee Lemery and the Board unanimously approved.
________________ Clerk-Treasurer