2022 Earth Day 

WHEREAS, the first Earth Day was enacted in 1970 and engaged over 20 million Americans to advocate for a  cleaner environment; and 

WHEREAS, Earth Day now has become a world-wide event and has highlighted some of the most critical environmental issues on the world stage; and 

WHEREAS, The Village of South Glens Falls Village Board of Trustees is committed to the redevelopment of our municipal tree inventory with this Arbor Day Grant provided by the New York State Urban Forestry Council allowing for the planting of 3 new trees located at Harrison Avenue Elementary, Oliver Winch Middle School and near the Hudson Avenue and 5th Street intersection; and

WHEREAS, The Village of South Glens Falls is expanding on its efforts to improve our urban forestry plan from last year where we planted 30 new trees as part of a Community Block Development Grant on Wilson and Haviland Avenue.  This year the Village budgeted to purchase an additional $3000 in new trees to further improve our streetscape and urban design; and

WHEREAS, New York State agencies and the Village of South Glens Falls challenge every resident to help in  conserving and protecting the environment via green activities, such as recycling, water and energy conservation,  tree planting, and active education about environmental issues; and 

WHEREAS, The Village of South Glens Falls supports projects that demonstrate and encourage energy conservation, sustainability, and the usage of renewable energy; and 

WHEREAS, special Earth Day events, coordinated by the Moreau Community Center and the Common Roots Foundation,  are offered throughout Village of South Glens Falls to encourage residents to identify what they can personally do to protect the environment and make The Village a cleaner and greener state; and 

THEREFORE, in special recognition of the efforts and dedication of New York State  agencies, as well as Saratoga County, Moreau Community Center, Common Roots Foundation, New York State Urban Forestry Council and community volunteers. We, the South Glens Falls Village Board of Trustees, do hereby proclaim April 22- 29th  2022, as EARTH DAY Week. We encourage all citizens to become engaged in their local communities and join efforts to help maintain and improve The Village of South Glens Falls urban and rural environments. 

ADOPTED, this 20th day of April, 2022. 

                                                                                                                          Nicholas J. Bodkin,  Mayor


Village Board of Trustees

Deputy Mayor, Timothy Carota

Trustee, Anthony Girard

Trustee, Harry G. Guthiel

Trustee, Joseph Orlow